Collaborative Control for Geometry-Conditioned PBR Image Generation

Material Generation with Collaborative Control. A mesh can be easily textured with high quality PBR materials.


Current 3D content generation builds on generative models that output RGB images. Modern graphics pipelines, however, require physically-based rendering (PBR) material properties. We propose to model the PBR image distribution directly to avoid photometric inaccuracies in RGB generation and the inherent ambiguity in extracting PBR from RGB. Existing paradigms for cross-modal finetuning are not suited for PBR generation due to a lack of data and the high dimensionality of the output modalities: we overcome both challenges by retaining a frozen RGB model and tightly linking a newly trained PBR model using a novel cross-network communication paradigm. As the base RGB model is fully frozen, the proposed method does not risk catastrophic forgetting during finetuning and remains compatible with techniques such as IPAdapter pretrained for the base RGB model. We validate our design choices, robustness to data sparsity, and compare against existing paradigms with an extensive experimental section.

In ArXiV
Mark Boss
Mark Boss
Research Scientist

I’m a researcher at Stability AI with research interests in the intersection of machine learning and computer graphics.